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My media kit can be found here:

Multiple photos of me, as well as photos of "The Very Hungry Dragon", are located in the media kit. Excerpts from the book, topics I'd like to discuss, facts about me, and other information can also be found in the media kit. Some of the information from the media kit is reproduced below for your convenience. 

The Very Hungry Dragon Product Details
Author: Nathan Miles -
Illustrator: Joe Shawcross -

Publisher: Tire Bees Publishing -
Release Date: June 2020
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-7345661-0-9 (Hardcover)
Library of Congress Control Number: 2020902615
Characters: 1. Dragon, 2. Goats
Genre: Fantasy, Children's Fiction 
Page Count: 32
MSRP: $18.99

Short Summary: A playful dragon takes food from a group of goats but the goats just want to be left alone.

Long Summary: A playful dragon takes food from a group of goats. The goats continuously try to get away from the dragon, even moving to the bottom of a lake, but the dragon always finds them. Finally, the goats take a rocket to Mars where they live happily with a group of alien goats. 

About Nathan:

Nathan attends a Montessori school. 
He reads at least 2 hours each day, for fun!
Nathan enjoys playing modern board games, including Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Splendor, and Dominion.
He also plays classic games like Chess with his dad.
He recently learned how to ride a bike!
He has two gerbils: a black one named Werewolf, and a white one named Zero-Eight.

Nathan's favorite book series:
Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland
Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

How did a six-year-old write a book?
Short Version:
Nathan told the story, verbally, to his dad one night during their bedtime routine. His dad shared the story on social media and a few people commented that the story would make a great children's book. 

Long Version: As part of his regular bedtime routine, Nathan's dad read him a story. This happened each and every night. When Nathan was younger, the stories would be quick picture books that could be finished relatively quickly. As Nathan got older, the length of the bedtime stories progressed to the point where his dad would read one chapter a night from longer books. But sometimes, instead of reading a story from a book, Nathan would ask for a made-up story. And sometimes Nathan's dad would request that Nathan tell a story in return. One of these stories, which didn't have a title at the time, was "The Very Hungry Dragon".  


But how did Nathan's verbal story get turned into a physical book?
After sharing the story on social media and getting lots of positive reactions, Nathan's dad began researching what it would take to self-publish the book. At first, actually publishing a book wasn't the goal. Nathan's dad looked into Print On Demand services as well as if it would be possible to simply use a photo book printer to have a single book made. Initially, it was more about capturing the moment and allowing Nathan to have a neat keepsake of his childhood than trying to publish a fully illustrated book. But after more research and discussion, it was decided that publishing a children's book, actually having the book professionally printed, was entirely doable. After that, it was a long process of sending emails to illustrators, printers, and other industry professionals until the job was done.